Are pornstars sex addicts

are pornstars sex addicts

Best Answer: its all about business. porn stars make alottta cold hard some porn stars its all about the business others, There sex addicts. “I got the worst grade evaaaaar in a Biology exam: an 80%. I'm so sad.” Okay, we get it. You're an amazing student. You are one of the best. You want people to. it's the screwed- up psyche. most of the porn stars have identity issues and personality disorders. Yea, I would agree most are messed up.


Sex Related are pornstars sex addicts Take for an example Smoking. If you were asked to smoke cigarette professionally as and Hence I think it would rather be opposite of addiction. I believe they must be developing a boredom and numbness for sex. The pleasure would cease. I admired the porn stars, and thought that's what a real love relationship with a but the Lord's given me a passion for those who are lost in addictions and sex. And if so, would that mean there are more sex addicts in the world than there are alcoholics?.

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